Crime Free Housing Department

Calumet City
Crime Free Housing Department

Mike Banske
Crime Free Housing Director
Office: (708) 891-8100 ext. 8423
Phone: (312) 543-5578

Sharon Buford-Davis
Fair Housing Administrator
Office: (708) 891-8100 ext. 8434
Phone: (872) 362-2299

Crime Free Housing Department:
Monday-Friday: 8 AM – 4 PM
Office: (708) 891-8100 ext. 8423

1200 Pulaski Road
Calumet City, Illinois 60409
Non-Emergency: (708) 868-2500

Mission Statement

The Calumet City Crime Free Housing program is a crime prevention effort that partners the Police Department with Landlords of residential rental properties.  Through training and education, Officers and Landlords will have a better understanding of Landlord-Tenant laws, Fair Housing regulations, and how this program will allow Calumet City to be a safer place to visit and call HOME!

Program History

Crime Free Multi-Housing is a unique 3-phase national crime prevention program that was created back in 1992 by Ofc. Tim Zehring, of the Mesa, AZ Police Department.

  • In 2009, plans were made for this program to be implemented here in Calumet City, Illinois. 
  • In January 2010, the Calumet City Crime Free Housing program officially began with the very first Phase 1 training seminar class!  Since that time, many more classes were held to certify landlords as their first step in compliance. 
  • In 2022, significant changes were made to the program, which included the creation of the Crime Free Housing Department.


Vacant & Foreclosed Property Registration


Pursuant to City Ordinance #21-25 all vacant & foreclosed properties must be registered with the City of Calumet City.  MuniReg is our approved vendor to complete the online registration process. 

Any questions, please contact Director Mike Banske at 708-891-8100 ext 8423.

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Program Benefits

Everyone wants peaceful enjoyment of their home, whether an owner-occupied residence or a tenant in a rental property.  That is a right we all have, but the trouble comes from the variety of ways people enjoy themselves at their homes.  Criminal activity will not be tolerated at rental properties, and depending on the crimes and/or where they’re committed, a tenant’s lease can be terminated for such criminal actions.  Nuisance abatement usually brings citations with fines, which can also impact a tenant’s lease period.   

Landlords want to have the best tenants in their buildings, and there is a perception that renters are the source of problems.  Through the proper implementation of this program, landlords should have better applicants to rent to and our neighborhoods will be cleaner, safer, and enhance the quality of life for everyone!

How Does it Work?

To start, residential rental property is described as any rooming or boarding house, single-family attached or detached dwelling, multi-family dwelling, townhome or condominium, or any other dwelling unit that is fit for human occupancy to reside in.  Tenants are described to be the occupants residing in a room or dwelling unit that are not listed as owners of the property. Every owner, and/or property manager or designated agent of the owner, must be in compliance with the most current version of the Calumet City Ordinance for Crime Free Housing, which can be viewed on the Calumet City Website: ARTICLE XIV. – Crime-Free Residential Rental License

Next, each landlord must attend an in-person Phase 1 training seminar taught by the Crime Free Housing Department staff.  During this 4-hour training, topics covered include:

  • Calumet City Ordinance Requirements & Licensing
  • Fair Housing Laws & Cook County Human Rights Legislation
  • Crime Prevention Strategies & Rental Documents
  • Management Rights & Responsibilities
  • Tenant Rights & Eviction Notices
  • Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (C.P.T.E.D.)
  • Crime Free Housing Lease Addendum & Abatement for Violations

After the seminar is completed, rental properties will be inspected for Building Code compliance, and C.P.T.E.D. compliance, annually by the Building & Zoning Inspectors.  Landlords must execute Lease Addendums with all adult tenants and monitor their properties utilizing Active Property Management methods.  A Crime Free Housing License sticker is issued to each rental property address that must be affixed in a clear window on the front of the property.  The license is valid from January 1st through December 31st each calendar year.  Licenses are distributed at the Calumet City Police Department.