Monday – Friday
10:00 am – 2:00 pm

Common people doing uncommon things.

ESDA is a group of men and women formed to assist in a time of emergency.

Mission Statement

It is the task of the Calumet City Emergency Services & Disaster Agency to educate, prepare for and assist in the mitigation of a recovery from emergency situations, whether naturally occurring or man-made, within the City of Calumet City and beyond. We are prepared and trained to provide these services anywhere, anytime and under any conditions, without hesitation or regard for personal hardship.

Our appearance is neat and appropriate for duty when responding to scheduled and unscheduled needs. Our professional conduct and personal manner is beyond question, as we portray ourselves as a credit to our city. We have chosen to perform these tasks not for reward or recognition, but to help keep our city a fine place in which to live.


Calumet City ESDA is accredited by the Illinois Emergency Management Agency and the Cook County Illinois Emergency Management Agency.  To receive the accreditation, the department is responsible for disaster mitigation, preparedness, response and recovery in the City while following the Federal Emergency Management Agency philosophy.

ESDA also:
  • Assists all city departments when needed
  • Provides traffic control and auxiliary lighting at traffic accidents, structural fires and other incidents
Our current ESDA Fleet consists of:
  • Five patrol vehicles
  • One light truck with generator

ESDA reports directly to the Deputy Fire Chief.