Women Thriving Fearlessly!

Library offers program for women on balancing work and life

Women Thriving Fearlessly!

Tuesday, March 27, 6:30pm


Are you struggling to achieve and maintain that seemingly elusive work-life balance? How do you manage your personal relationships alongside your professional ambitions? If you’re a woman today you’ve probably asked yourself these questions on an almost daily basis.

Like many modern women, Mary Cox juggles multiple roles – single mother, businesswoman, author and Calumet City Fire and Police Commissioner. Along the way she’s learned a lot about herself and what it means to succeed against unfavorable odds. Now she shares her insight and expertise with her contribution to the anthology Women Thriving Fearlessly! Together we’ll discuss her book and explore what it means to be a woman today. Join us as we learn something new or simply tell our stories and gather that vital, yet often overlooked, much needed support.


To RSVP, please call the Adult Services Department at (708) 862-6220 ext. 2.