Pace News Release

Starting Monday, February 20th, Pace Passengers Can
Ride More for Less as Transfer Fee is Eliminated

Improving regional connectivity is a priority for Pace and its partners at Metra, CTA, and RTA. In addition to the new Pace/CTA unlimited-ride passes and reduced pass pricing starting Monday, February 20th, Pace passengers will ride more for less with the elimination of transfers between Pace services. Passengers transferring to Pace premium services will continue to pay a surcharge to get to the premium base fare.

            “The elimination of transfer fees improves access for all by making our services more affordable and our fares more equitable,” said Executive Director Melinda Metzger. “We will continue to evaluate our fares and service to meet the needs of those we serve and ensure regional connectivity.”

            Free transfers are valid when using Ventra within two hours of the first trip taken. A Ventra card is free after registration and allows riders to store passes and discounts and save money on each ride.

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