Lead Water Service Replacements

Important Project Notice

Lead Water Service Replacements

Dear Resident:

Mayor Thaddeus Jones and the City of Calumet City are striving to replace all lead water service pipes in the City over the next several years.

Your home gets drinking water through a small (3/4” – 1”) water service line that is attached to the water main in the street and connects to your home at your water meter. If the water service line is determined to be a lead pipe, the City is offering to replace it with a new “lead free” copper line. There will be NO COST TO YOU for the replacement of this water service line from the water main (Note: there may be possible specific final restoration inside and outside of your home that may be required to be the responsibility of the homeowner). The average cost per house to replace this pipe from the water main to your water meter is approximately $10,000. So, this is a great opportunity for you to get rid of your old lead service line.

The property owner will need to sign a simple agreement granting access to your property to do the work. The new line will be installed by drilling through the ground to minimize disturbances to your home and landscaping. The project includes basic restoration to items such as concrete foundation where the pipe enters the home, landscaping, sidewalk,  and roadways.

The City urges you to work with Public Works, the City Engineers (Farnsworth Group, Inc.), and the Contractor (Calumet City Plumbing) to find out more about this project. The City will do its best to provide additional project details and answer any questions you may have.

The Contractor (Calumet City Plumbing) will be reaching out to you in the next 7-10 days to schedule your survey. Please review and complete the attached Property Access Agreement Form, sign, and have ready at the time of your property survey. Your participation and the permission to grant access to your property is COMPLETELY VOLUNTARY, but participation is strongly encouraged by the US Environmental Protection Agency (USEPA).

Contact Information

Gerry Surufka
Water Department Commissioner
(708) 891-8156

Isaac Ramsay, PE, Program Manager
Farnsworth Group, Inc.
(708) 326-4000 | iramsay@f-w.com

Para traducir este documento en español o si gusta tener más información sobre este proyecto, por favor de contactar a Jose Raya al (708) 326-4000 o jraya@f-w.com.