The City of Calumet City is implementing a variety of flood protection activities. These include:

  • Completion of a comprehensive floodplain management plan that was adopted by the City Council in December 2005. Copies of the Plan’s Executive Summary are available free at the Department of Inspectional Services.
  • Construction of many local sewer improvements. We are now embarking on new projects in the far north part of the City.
  • Upgrading the Little Calumet levee to provide more secure protection from smaller floods.
  • Support for the Thornton Quarry Reservoir, which will provide protection from larger floods when complete.
  • Instituting a regular inspection and cleaning program for the ditches and channels.
  • Making sure new construction is protected from flooding and sewer backup
  • Preserving flood-prone areas as open space.
  • Providing a host of materials, references and advice on flood protection for homes and businesses.
  • The Calumet City Public Library also has information and reference materials on how you can help protect yourself. You can visit the library online at: