Earth Day Art Contest – Recycle It Create It

3971 – created by Chayah Hayes, titled “P E A C E”

3989 – Earth Day volunteers
3991 – Thank you to Home Depot for providing the flowers and supplies for the planting.
3994 – Home Depot and local kids waiting for the rain to stop to plant flowers.
3999 – Earth Day Reading Club participants – 25 kids read 418 books and attended 130 programs related to Earth Day.
4004 – Graphic Artist Michael Casner has been designing the Earth Day t-shirts for the City for the last 8 years.
3970 – created by Jaslyn Johnson, titled “Polluted Rain Forest” (1st place)
3969 – created by Noami Balderas, titled “Be Mindful”
created by Geraldine Evans, titled “Big ol’ Tree” (3rd Place)
3972 – created by Jadon Keene, titled “HOPE”
4001 – Earth Day Art Contest participants
3966 – created by Melody Varnado, titled “Frozen Oasis” (2nd place)
3965 – created by Nijah Stewart, titled “To Have or not to Have Beautiful Things”