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Standing Committees of the City Council

FINANCE COMMITTEE: Oversees the functions of the Finance Department, Purchasing and Personnel Departments, City Clerk’s office, Community and Economic Development Department, personnel evaluation, and council
Magdalena Wosczynski Chairman
Ramonde Williams Member
Nick Manousopoulos Member
PUBLIC SAFETY: Oversees the functions of the Police Department, Fire Department and the ESDA. Nick Manousopoulos

Roger Munda

PUBLIC UTILITIES: Oversees the functions of the Water Department, Water Billing Department, Sewer Maintenance Department, electrical, plumbing, public lighting systems, natural gas, public telephone systems,
railroads, transportation, and cable television.
Thaddeus Jones Chairman
Leni Wosczynski Member
Eric Schneider Member
PUBLIC WORKS: The Public Works Committee oversees the functions of the following areas: Building Dept., Street & Alley Dept., Maintenance Dept., Sewer Dept., public buildings, equipment and property and Department for
Community Development.
Roger Munda Chairman
Nick Manousopoulos Member
Thaddeus Jones
ORDINANCES & RESOLUTIONS: Oversees the functions of the Legal Department, ordinances and resolutions, zoning, and judiciary. Antoine Collins Chairman
Leni Wosczynski Member
Ramonde Williams Member
PERMITS & LICENSES: Oversees the functions associated with business permits and licenses. Eric Schneider Chairman
Thaddeus Jones    Member
HEALTH, EDUCATION & WELFARE: Oversees the functions of the Health Department, Youth and Family Services, senior citizens, the Public Library, and waterways. Ramonde Williams Chairman
Roger Munda Member
Eric Schneider